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     Good morning friends (if there are any pausing to read this).

          It is a new year and a "long time between drinks" to recall the old quote.  I can't blame illness or more visits to the hospital.  It seems that load of Karma came in a bundle in 2015 and I hope the lessons were learned.  On the 16th Day of February I am setting down some thoughts and ramblings, but I think I am just doing this to amuse myself and I doubt if there wil be any response to what I type.  All the people from the days of Big Blog and the exodus to Live Journal are now all enganged in their family life, moved to Facebook, or given up blogging entirely.  It seems that the other social networks have their dangers if one is to believe the news reports.  Perhaps it is also a case of you find what you are seeking, so if you are looking for scandal and hate postings that is what you will find.
       I am still much as I was in the past, although I don't have the family ties and responsibilities and that can occupy most of the day.  I hope my interest in music and particularly the electronic aspect of it becomes more concrete, to use a term, meaning some actual creation.  So much in the past has been just passive listening and reading.  The members of IDM Forum are evidently more involved in the actual performance side of music and earning money, which they spend on new "gear".  In other words another module, or effects box to fill their bench.  While I may not agree with their definition of music all the time, I would like to explore the area of electronic music further and, hopefully, produce something worth the effort.  My plans to add a Volca FM module to the collection did not happen in 2016, so I am hoping that 2017 will see that happening and I will have the Edirol M16DX digital mixer set up and in use.  I have plans for 2017.  There are those who would probably tell me to retire to an easy chair, watch television, or read a book.  With the rubbish being presented by the television channels that is not a suitable pastime.  The recent book by Suzanne Segal, "Collision with the Infinite" was an interesting read and is suggested if you have an interest in "Spiritual Awakening".  On a much more mundane level, the book from 1974, "Learning Music with Synthesizers" from Hal Leonard Publishing has surfaced again.  Perhaps it is a signal for some revision of the basics even if the book is based around the ARP Odyssey instrument which has been long since superceded (several times).
          I mentioned the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House and he seems to think that the world has to bow down and kiss his feet (I could have used another word)!  He also seems to have a disregard for the USA constitution and legal system; Everybody has to dance to his tune or face the consequences.    I think his rude awakening is yet to come.  Frankly I am glad I don't live in America.  I could create some friction with an email friend on the matter of Trump, so there are times when it is best to remain silent.   Until my next posting.....
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06 October 2016 @ 08:58 pm
        Good evening friends (if anyone is actually reading this).
          I have just been reading, or rather watching the final "chapter" in a course from Mind Valley on "Living an extraordinary Life".  Vishen Lakhiani thinks he has some answers to the questions that prevent people from realising the fruits of their efforts and at the same time enriching the world on a physical, mental and spiritual level.  That is something of a lofty aim and not easy to attain.  Perhaps too many of us consider that our small contribution to the world may not make much difference and we become pessimistic and negative.  Keeping a positive attitude is not easy in a world that seems so violent and dark, but if we allow the miasma of darkness to smother us ( and everybody shares those thoughts) the world will never change and annilhation is assured.  So we have to go out and light the flares and push back the darkness in whatever way we can.
         My ideas of encouranging creativity in my own small way is still there.  Where such a path may lead is unknown, but the fire is still there and also the invitation to get the club going.
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03 September 2016 @ 10:20 pm
   I repeat, what happened to 2016?  It seems that only yesterday I was saying goodbye to 2015, without regrets and remembering the trauma that had seen me in hospital in the middle of the year.  I didn't know at the time that my friend Dawn McDonald in Glen Innes had passed away in March of 2015.  Over 12 months passed before I became aware of the departure of my friend to the "Elysium Fields" (although she didn't believe in them).  Evidently she had lost control of her various email lists and when the name appeared on "Linked In" I thought it was she.  Evidently it wasn't and when I finally made contact with the executors of the estate I learned the story of her final struggle with diabetic complications.  Cest la vie!
        As Zorba exclaimed, "Life is trouble, only death is not!  To be alive is to undo your belt and look for trouble!".  I don't know if I would agree completely with that sentiment, but there are times when we should perhaps open our eyes to new possibilities, look beyond the horizon.   If I had taken a different path in my earlier life I might be in a different situation today.  Why do we follow a particular lifestyle, a particular philosophy, and allow ourselves to be trapped in what seems a dead end pursuit?   I recall a statement by a friend, Leigh Tingle some years ago; he is now deceased.  He was asking the question, Why do we acquire whatever wisdom we do acquire in our old age?  That is not a verbatim quote, but close to the essence of his query.
       There was a time when I was employed and earning reasonably good wages for the time.  Why didn't I save more wisely, or use those finances more wisely?  Why did I spend money on the expensive hobbies?  So I find myself at this time of my sojourn on the plane still asking questions and not all about life on the physical level.
     I may have spent all these years  survivng and also enjoying myself at times and life is a diverse pattern of pleasure and pain.  My present project is to ealise some electronic music although not in the teen rock, techno genre, and I would welcome contact with similar minded peole to improve my knowledge and discuss some concepts.  I also would like to get a club of like minded people operating where the exchange of ideas could take place.  Is anybody interested?  Is there anybody out there reading this?   Contact me either through the Journal, or at gh00348@gmail.com
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   I have been taking a look at some comments on the IDM Music Forum this morning and I made the comment about "Synthesizer widows" wondering if I would raise any response from these "equipment addicts".  I suppose I should add that I was on a section of the forum where the subject was equipment.  It reminds me of the days when I did have a synthesizer with a number of knobs and sockets permitting the modification of the raw sound from the two oscillators and the patching via cables.  At least I wasn't married and I understand that this institution requires its allocation of time in your day.  Who can forget Zorba's response to the question; "Am I not a man, and is not a man stupid?  I am married, house, wife, children, the full catastrophe!".  It would be wrong to judge marriage as a catastrophe and there are too many unions in the world that illustrate the opposite, but I have avoided that situation.  You read of the situation of "golfing widows", "horse racing widows", etc, etc.  So why not "synthesizer widows" with the husband spending most of his spare time in his "studio" or "den" bent over his bank of electronic gadgetry twiddling knobs, or pushing buttons and finally producing a few minutes of what he calls "music"?  Whether his family aggrees with his assessment is another question.  It is rare that you find the whole family engaged in the same hobby and performing together on stage.
        In my situation, the literal dropping of the Casio HT3000 keyboard changed my plans and the old 1987 veteran may have sounded its last note as I think the repair charge would be a tad frightening.  I suppose that the people who once engaged in "blooging" and responding to their friends on the network found that it took up a large amount of time and perhaps they thought they didn't have anything of interest to say.  Perhaps they were also wanting to avoid controversy, or the phenomenon of "cyber-bullying" we have seen on Facebook and Twitter.  Both of these networks have also been used by groups like the Neo Nazis and ISIS recruitment.  This is an unfortunate side of the Internet equation and we like to think that the administration of these networks can control the members of this ilk.  I hope Live Journal is capable of weilding the axe when required.  At the same time I praise the freedom of such forums, a freedom that our oriental brethren don't always enjoy, especially if their comments are critical of their governments.
        As for the friends that followed Sonia, Had, and the rest, I have lost contact with them and wonder if they are now involved in family life and that is proving a full time occupation.  If by chance, any of them read this rambling message they might respond and say "hello".  Also any other friendly greetings will receive a response.
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05 January 2016 @ 12:07 pm
     Hullo friends (if I still have any) and other respondents.

            Four days of the new year have vanished like a light mountain mist and I type this on a rainy day on the Central Coast.  I have completed the usual task of clearing all the rubbish out of my inbox, and placing another comment in the IDM Forum.  I am still wondering why I joined this community of "musicians" (although I may be using the term very loosely in some cases).  Possibly many are like myself, with a head full of ideas and lacking the equipment and space to bring them to reality.  Perhaps that is another of the tasks for 2016; to start a program of motivation and experimentation.  At least getting the motivation running doesn't require money, or equipment, just the desire to bring something out to the mind and into a concrete form.  The last part of the process can be the most difficult when you realise that your dream requires things that you don't possess.  So you work with what you have and that may reveal further ideas and avenues of expression you hadn't considered before.  As I have said previously, it is hard to define creativity and it can have so many different ways of expression.  So tap into those inner parts of your mind and bring forth the expressions of the real You!
      I have placed a few stories on these pages in the past and the time has come to delete most of the entries on this blog and start a fresh year year and perhaps raise some new subjects that some people may read and to which they might respond.  No, I don't want to start a war.  There is enough hatred and injustice in the world, but reasoned comment and discussion can lead to understanding and appreciation of another person's point of view.  That is what the diplomats are supposed to be skilled at doing, although I sometimes wonder if they are as effective as they clain to be.  May there be peace in some parts of the world in 2016. 


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02 January 2016 @ 01:26 pm
     Good afternoon friends.

          Although I think all the friends that migrated from Big Blog all those years ago have now retired from blogging and are now pursuing their lives.  Family pressures and other networks such as Facebook and Twitter have lured them away.  Personally, I think I would find Twitter very restrictive especially when you feel that you have something subtantial to say and it takes more than a few syllables to say it.  This morning I made some comments on IDM Forum and I wonder if someone will respond and tell me to stick my head in a bucket of water (and forget to pull it out)!  Not that I think my comment was all that controversial.

    It is some time since I visited this site and stuck my head above the parapet, as it were.  It is a new year and with all the dangers and possibilities that implies.  There are tasks to be concluded; they were begun in 2015, so I don't need any more resolutions for this year.  I will have enough to keep me occupied for the foreseeable future.  My comments in IDM regarded the work of one Alex Starke, who is evidently regarded as a "hot property" in the "teen techno scene".  In the You Tube clip he is surrounded by a mass of technology and he relies on, as far as I could see, and hear, looping rythm patterns and the occasional few chords on the keyboards and grunts into the microphones.  This today is classed as "music"  and I wonder who is to blame for that?  Philip Glass introduced us to his repetitive "minimalism" and prepared pianos, but that is different to the techno rock rave parties and drug scene that attracts the teenagers today.  There are some creative talents out there among the young, but we don't hear much from them as they have to please the battered mass to earn money.  Technology offers so many possibilities, but as far as I can see, we are still learning to use the tools, and we have a long way to go.
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17 August 2015 @ 11:57 am
       Greeting friends (and anybody else who pauses to read my rambling).

              The TURP is now behnd me together with another five day stay in Gosford Hospital.  Another communy care organisation, COMPAC is providing some assistance while I recover from this little "op".  This hapened on the 29th of July and has left me with a supra pubic catheter in place for a few weeks.  At least this version doesn't cause as much discomfort and inconveniece as the "IDC" (in site) version did.  As a result I have much more mobility even if there was a period of incontinence after the operation and the removal of the IDC.  That has largely susided and now the "plumbing" has to return to normal.  This might also require the removal of the SPC as well,so that all the internal parts can settle back to their normal positions.  An appintment with the urologist later this month may reveal more.
        I have been reviewing all the content on this blog site and realise that it is long overdue for some serious editing.   I  have been on this site for quite some time and I very much doubt that anybody is reading that material from 2007 and 2008.  Even the friends I remember from those years appear to have lost interest in blogging and probaby now have families to occupy their time. Perhaps they have migrated to Facebook, or similar forums as that is the newest "social nework" and Live Jounal might be considered "old fashioned".  What has Facebook to offer to people like myself?  It is a question I have asked myself a few times, and there have also been some scandals about the content appearing on Facebook in recent times.  Would anyone like to comment on the pros and cons of Facebook membership?  I would like to hear them (or at least read them).  There is a link to my email address so I will know if any person responds.
       I am working on the next issue of "Soundrack", the offiicial journal of New Sounds International Club for the September release.  August saw some commmorations of the brutality and carnage of the wars that marked the passageof he 20th Century. We fought two world wars, and there have been a a number of smaller conficts and now we have the Islamic bigots of ISIL justifying their barbarous and demonic acts in the name of Allah and the Quaran (or Koran if you prefer that spelling).  Any sane follower of Islam will immediately reject their savage creed, but it seems that too many teenagers lack the power of discimination and allow themselves to be "brainwashed" by messages from radical preachers and messages posted on the Internet.  These people claiming to speak the true message of Islam are "techno savvy" and this makes them even more dangeous.  The more moderate Isamic countries have to denounce these savages and move against them.
        August also saw the remembrance of the first use of the atomic bomb in war with devastating results on Hiroshma and Nagasaki.  The weapon has yet to be used in a global confict and we hope that it never will. It seems that we still use chemical agents  in war. Didn't we learn anything from World War One and World War Two?  Perhaps we will have to destroy the planet and all life on it before the lesson is learned.

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19 July 2015 @ 02:56 am
       So nuch water has passed under that ancient bridge since I made an entry in this blog,  The effects of insomnia have brought me back as sleep evades me.  There is much on my mind and perhaps I need to let it out.  June was almost a limbo state, well at least part of it.  It was punctuated by a month in Gosford Hospital and about two weeks of it in Intensive Care.  Eventually the doctors evidently thought I had progressed sufficiently (or was it that a bed in the medical ward finally became available).  Now I am in the "recovery phase with a catheter "in site" and awaiting a prostate procedure.  The urologist assures me that it is a very safe operation, despite the recitation of possible "very rare" side effects that may occur.  The doctors are required by law to tell you this information so you can give your "informed consent".  So by the end of the month the operation will be behind me and there will be another "recovery period".  Didn't the Chinese say "May you have an interesting life"?
      The transitional care community have been active in my "rehabilitation" with an exercise program and providing transport for shopping, medical appointments etc, including the pre-med assesment, again in the "hallowed halls" of the hosptal.  While I was "out of circulation", the landlady (possibly with the best of intentions) set to "tidying and cleaing the unit" and the result has been a certain degree of confusion as I have trouble finding things.
      The Soundtrack journal is back in circulation even if the edition is a little truncated this time.  Perhaps the September issue will be better.  It has been a rough two months and I hope the road ahead is less "rocky"   
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21 January 2014 @ 05:22 pm
    My computer is non operational at present, better times ahead I hope when it is repaired.
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28 November 2013 @ 01:09 pm
    I was somewhat astounded at the long time since I made any entries to this blog.  It ihas been a difficult year and there have been other things to occupy my mind.  The move in November 2012, certainly gave me much to think about as I sought to balance a non-existent budget.  Now as I approach the last weeks of 2013, the way ahead is a little clearer, I hope.  The conversion to digital HD television is very close and I feel that I may find myself without any television reception in the initial days of the new service.  Analogue transmissions will cease on 3rd December this year and we will have to accept the new without complaint.  I don't accept that it will mean superior programs, but only higher resolution images for those people with the receivers.  I assume that I have lost contact with all the people who once recognised me as friend, but if they may happen to read this.  I am back and I wish you the season's greetings.  Enjoy it! 
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